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The monetization and engagement platform for
the performing arts

We make it easy for producers and creators  to stream and monetize their performances, engage their audiences, and grow their brands.


Take your live performances to the next level


More revenue
than online performances


More engagement
than other digital channels

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Less time
spent on event admin


Stream. Monetize. Engage. Grow.

Our platform provides you with everything you need to showcase your performance, connect with your audience, and grow your community beyond walls and borders.

Create events in a snap

In our intuitive Studio, you can build an event in minutes. You can enhance it with details like program, schedules, host and speaker details, and add multiple engagement options and revenue streams such as donations,  live auctions, chat rooms, polls, and more. You can make your event free or charge for it, and make it public or private—it's up to you.

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Monetize your event through multiple revenue streams

Our platform powers your live, on-demand, or hybrid events with multiple streams of revenue. You can add different tiers of tickets with different access levels, a merchandise store, donations, auctions, super chat, and more. You can also upload pre-recorded or archived videos as on-demand performances and make them a source of recurring revenue.

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Box Office

Engage with a global audience

Take advantage of our secure and seamless video and audio streaming and make your event a world-class production. Engage your audience in multiple ways, like polls, gamification, private chat spaces, and more. Invite them to engage with your speakers on the virtual stage, and involve them in your event.

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Virtual Venue

Build a community around your brand

We put all of your organization’s activities under one digital roof—your Xperience Hub. From tickets to upcoming events or on-demand events to donations and merchandise shops, we make it easy for you to build a community and for your fans to get involved year-round!

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Trusted by artists around the world

The biggest choral virtual competitions

FeelitLIVE aims to connect performers and audiences worldwide. To do this, we created and host Top Choirs™, an international series of virtual choral competitions designed to showcase the astonishing choral talent all around us as well as celebrate teamwork, resilience, talent, diversity and music's ability to bring people together.


One platform, endless possibilities

Give your worldwide audience a sense of belonging with high-impact and immersive performances and experiences of all types and formats.  


What our customers have to say

"We’ve had the pleasure of using FeelitLIVE for several of our concerts both with the university choirs as well as with my community chorus. Its extremely high-quality video and extremely high-quality audio is one of the reasons we love it. The user interface and the user experience is fantastic - the chat during the concert as well as the interactive backstage pass where we can all celebrate after the concert. Tickets, upgrades, donations, auctions, merchandise store, both in advance of and during the concert have been tremendously effective for our community. My students, our users, our customers, everybody, fans watching at home have all been really happy with the product."

Jeffrey Benson
Director of Choral Activities, San Jose State University; President, California Choral Directors’ AssociationSan Jose, CA


"FeelitLIVE has been our partner throughout this pandemic, working with us to produce four concerts during the 2021 season. I think of them as a one-stop-shop, where we can advertise our concert, sell tickets, gather donations as well as have a backstage pass function that allows us to have a more intimate post-concert experience with our artistic staff, singers, or our guest performers. I have been very grateful for everything that FeelitLIVE has done for us to keep us relevant during this pandemic."


Mark Colonico
President, Stockton ChoraleStockton, CA

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