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Step up your fundraising

An effective way to maximize your fundraising events by effortlessly adding donations, live auctions, e-shops, virtual gala tables, and more to any virtual experience.

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Maximize revenue and increase engagement
of your virtual fundraiser

More ways to raise money and amplify the message for your cause

With up to four different ticket categories, each offering different access and engagement levels and price points, sponsor galleries, an e-shop for your merchandise, and live auctions, you have all the tools required to get the most out of your fundraiser while providing an immersive experience to your supporters.

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More ways to raise money

Immersive and engaging experiences to attract more supporters

Supporters can pick their virtual tables, interact with and engage in conversations with fellow attendees, while also privately chatting with friends during and after the live-streaming program (concert, seminar, speeches, book-reading, Q&A), and engage via public and private video interactions with important speakers and guests.

Connect with your audience at a whole new level

A set of powerful engagement tools to empower you to fully engage and connect with your fans. From a LIVE feed, where your audience can chat with everyone at once, to private spaces that your fans can create on their own to hang out with friends, to the option of video chat with you after the show, we have it all to ensure everyone comes together and has a great time.


All the tools to make your virtual fundraiser a success

Enhance your virtual experience with powerful revenue-generating features
Let your customers support your organization or favorite cause by adding the donation option at every stage of your virtual experience.
Live auctions
Increase engagement and maximize revenue by conducting live and silent auctions before and during your virtual experience.
A built-in e-commerce tool allowing your supporters to buy merchandise and memorabilia at any stage of your virtual fundraiser.
Give your sponsors higher visibility by allowing them to showcase media-rich content and connect with your supporters in a meaningful way.
Provide your supporters with the option to get backstage access and interact with your special guests through a private video chat before or after the main event.
Private spaces
Let your audience take control of their chat, by enabling them to create private spaces where they can chat with friends and/or others at their own table.
Ticket categories
Create up to four ticket categories, each offering different access and engagement levels and price points- to help you segment and target your audience better and increase revenue.
Upload your program so your supporters can view your event details and schedule both at ticket purchase time and during the experience.
Admin tools
Manage your virtual fundraising experience effortlessly and track your sales and attendees with real-time reporting and analytics.

Plans & pricing

Multiple plans available to suit your needs! We recommend our Pro Plan, which gives you access to advanced functionality to maximize flexibility, monetization, and engagement for your experience. The Pro plan fees are 20% of experience revenue plus payment processing. We do not charge monthly or subscription fees.