The all-in-one platform for choirs


Our intuitive platform enables choirs to host, engage, monetize, and build community


Intuitive and powerful

The FeelitLIVE platform is designed to help choirs create events, sell tickets, fundraise and reach new audiences. This platform is more intuitive, easier to use, and takes care of all the needs of your choir


Creating choir experiences has never been easier

Powerful and intuitive capabilities that will make creating and designing your choir events a hassle-free experience

Maximize your choir's revenue

FeelitLIVE helps you bring your events to life with a streamlined digital box office that gives you the power to sell tickets, take donations, run virtual auctions and e-stores
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Host engaging and immersive events

FeelitLIVE's virtual venue has been developed with a unique user-centric approach so that your choir can showcase its talent while allowing your audience to actively participate, making it an unforgettable experience for everyone

Strengthen your community

At FeelitLIVE, you can create your own branded Xperience Hub, a centralized place for your audiences to access all of your choir's events - past and current, contribute to your choir through donations, buy merchandise from your e-store, or take part in the live auction. All in one place, available all year round
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