Host engaging and immersive events

FeelitLIVE's virtual venue has been developed with a unique user-centric approach so that your choir can showcase its talent while allowing your audience to actively participate, making it an unforgettable experience for everyone.


Built for musicians and artists

At FeelitliVE we make sure you always enjoy high-quality video and sound experiences. Whether you're live streaming or chatting with your audience -you'll never want to go anywhere else for fear of being disappointed.


Spark real engagement

FeelitLIVE's virtual venue enables you to create endless opportunities for you to connect with fans. Whether chatting through the live feed and private spaces, engaging with fans through polls and gamification, or creating seamless video interactions and exciting live auctions, you will have everything you need to keep them engaged.
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Control Centre

Take full control of your event

FeelitLIVE makes it easy to manage your live event, right from the virtual venue. Use the green room to connect with your speakers before going on air, add new speakers or sessions, pull audience members to the stage, create polls or games, and send notifications and announcements - all in one place.

The right tools to make
every choir experience a total success

Live Feed

Live feed

Chat with your attendees and push announcements without disturbing the show


Private spaces

Enable attendees to create private rooms to chat with friends and family

Emoji Reactions

Emoji reactions

Enable your audience to show how they feel about your content in real-time.

Polls and games

Polls & games

Get insights from your audience and boost participation through interactive games

Drop in video

Drop-in video

Empower your attendees to video interact in real-time with hosts and special guests

Green room

Green room

Check sound and video with your hosts and speakers before going live on stage



Enable your attendees to donate to your preferred cause or organization


Live auctions

Add fun and excitement to your conference or expo while adding another revenue stream



Give your sponsors higher visibility by allowing them to showcase their brand



Enable your attendees to buy your merchandise pre, during, and post-event



Allow users to upgrade tickets during an event and without having to leave the virtual venue

Control Center

Control Center

Keep control of your sessions and the broadcasting of content in one single panel