Our mission is to combine the power of technology and choirs to elevate the human experience

FeelitLIVE is a technology company that is scaling the power of choirs in the world. Choirs of every type—from school choirs to community choirs—use our platform to host, engage, connect, and monetize their content globally. 

The power of choirs and what we believe

It has been proven, time and again, that choirs are the answer, antidote, and therapy for many of the human social, psychological, mental, and physiological needs, ills, and issues, especially as we navigate through the current challenges the world at large is facing.


At FeelitLIVE, we are bringing to the world the human connection that the time-tested choral music tradition provides, by leveraging the power of technology.  We are reimagining the choir ecosystem, and crafting a new way for choirs to connect, consume, and perform. We aim to connect a billion people through the power of choral music.


Choirs around the world use FeelitLIVE to host their virtual and hybrid live and on-demand performances, to engage with their audiences and communities through immersive experiences, and to monetize their content. 


In our brief history of existence during the pandemic, choirs from all across the United States have hosted on us, repeatedly. Choir communities have congregated from near and far corners of the globe to listen to and support their favorite choirs.

The new choir tech stack

FeelitLIVE combines an interactive platform with products and applications that put engagement and community at the heart of choir operations.

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Virtual Venue

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Xperience Hub

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Live-streaming & real-time video & audio

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Engagement & connections

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Creation, Hosting & Monetization

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Sitting atop our streaming, engagement, and monetization platform are products and applications to perform globally, create all-format engagement, and grow revenue globally.


At our core is a powerful streaming, real-time engagement, creation, and monetization engine that makes scaling choir activity easy and seamless.


Our cloud-based infrastructure provides scalability, reliability, and 24/7 availability.

Removing technical complexity

We work with streaming, payments, ticketing, scheduling, hosting, live conferencing, auction, gamification, networking technologies, and licensing and regulatory systems so choirs who run on FeelitLIVE don’t have to.

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Streaming Real-time video Payments Analytics Multi-currency support
Subscriptions Revenue payouts Streaming Tickets Hosting
Events Donations Live engagement Networking Notifications
Auctions Live chat Upgrades Polling Scheduling
Recruiting Discover Connected accounts Private events Licenses
Reporting Gamification Third-party integrations Merchandise Ratings & reviews

Our team

Neetu Bhatia


MIT, McKinsey & Co, Wall St, Zoonga

Arpita Majumder


MIT, Kearney, Alix Partners, Zoonga

Nicholas Pirollo


Drexel, Scholly, FRB

Larissa Varela

Growth | Product | UX
The University of Sydney, Ingram Micro, SmartGroup, Autopia, Snug, Mumba, LariVar

Robert Martindale

Business Development

Our choir luminaries

Dr. Charlene Archibeque

Professor Emerita, Retired Director of Choral Activities, San Jośe State University

San José, CA

Dr. Jeffrey Benson

Director of Choral Activities, San José State University

San José, CA

Dr. Edith Copley

Regents’ Professor and Director of Choral Studies, Northern Arizona University

Flagstaff, AZ

Dr. Derrick Fox

Director of Choral Activities & Distinguished Asst. Professor of Music, University of Nebraska-Omaha

Omaha, NE

Dr. Jeffery Redding

Director of Choral Activities at the University of Central Florida

Orlando, FL

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Help us elevate the human experience by scaling up the goodness of choirs all over the world.





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