Live Events.
Virtual Connections.
Real Value.

FeelitLIVE enables conference and expo organizers to create virtual events with effective networking and content features to bring all participants together effortlessly.



A flexible, easy way to bring to life engaging
virtual events

Networking Made Simple

FeelitLIVE was designed to enable networking for all attendees. Whether mingling in a private group, setting up a one-on-one or group meeting, posting on the live feed, or browsing exhibitor booths, attendees can connect with others at any time.


Unparallel content flexibility

FeelitLIVE's flexible platform enables speakers and exhibitors to schedule and showcase their content in multiple ways, run simultaneous interactive sessions, as well as broadcast, live, prerecorded, or on-demand content, making it easier to keep attendees engaged at all times.

Effortless event management

With FeelitLIVE, you can manage your entire event on one single platform. From selling tickets, uploading content, setting up networking options, right to access reports, and analytics of the event - FeelitLIVE helps you configure each aspect of the event to give all participants an immersive experience.


Virtual events simplified

FeelitLIVE gives all the tools needed to create, manage and deliver tailored virtual events
Run multiple sessions simultaneously, each with the ability to live stream content, video, and chat capabilities.
Meetings rooms
Empower attendees to create virtual meeting rooms (video & chat) to collaborate and network with others during the event.
Enhance your virtual event's networking opportunities by allowing attendees to send others personal invitations for private 1:1 video chats.
Private spaces and live feed
Empower your attendees to create private spaces to chat only with attendees they have invited or post on the public live feed during the event.
Live, pre-recorded or on-demand
Explore new ways to showcase your content by broadcasting live, prerecorded, or on-demand content or any combination of the three.
virtual booths-icon
Virtual Booths
Let exhibitors create virtual booths to showcase content and products and allow attendees to get in touch, request quotes, or live chat with exhibitors.
Give your sponsors higher visibility by allowing them to showcase media-rich content and connect with your supporters in a meaningful way.
Ticket categories
Set up multiple ticket categories with different price points, timeframes, access levels, and engagement options.
Admin tools
Manage and track your virtual experience in real-time, view a summary of event statistics and download sales and attendees reports from any device.

FeelitLIVE pricing

We recommend both our Pro or Enterprise Plan for large-scale events, as they give you access to advanced functionality. The Pro plan fees are 20% of your experience revenue, while the enterprise plan is tailored to your event or business needs. FeelitLIVE does not charge monthly fees or subscription fees.