Empowering you to create and earn from digital experiences

Boost your revenue and engage with your audiences by effortlessly bringing your artistry and expertise online

How it works

Create your experience
Enter your event/experience information such as event name, description, info about the host, and finish it all by uploading some attention-grabbing images

Setup schedule and ticketing
Select the time(s) and date(s) when you want your event to live-stream. Then choose the type(s) of tickets you want for the event and the audience access level and set prices for each.

Get ready to host
After your event is confirmed to meet our quality standards, the event will be on sale online, and you will receive the private live stream link for your upcoming event(s)

Why host on FeelitLIVE

Host your event for FREE
Create and host your experience for free! You only pay when tickets sell.

Stream live or pre-recorded content
Stream your live performance or monetise pre-recorded content, you decide.

Private live-stream link at no cost
Broadcast your experience though a private live-stream link at no extra cost.

Up to 100 hosts, 40k viewers per event
Go large, with the option of 100 hosts from anywhere and up to 40k viewers.

Multiple ticket price categories & access level
Maximise your sales by creating tickets with different levels of access and price.

Exclusive access for existing patrons
Acknowledge your long-term customers by giving them exclusive backstage access.

Fully interactive video, audio, chat
Actively engage and connect with your audience through audio, chat and video.

Buyer and audience reports and analytics
Track your sales and audiences with real-time reporting and analytics.

Customer Relationship Management
Understand your engagement and who your customers are directly through the platform

Automated and prompt sales remittances
Get your sales revenue in your chosen account right after sales are closed.

Maximise your experience with add-on products
Enhance your experience and increase revenue by adding other products to your sales flow.

Donation option for buyers
Let your customers support your business by adding the donation option to your event.

What they say about us

FeelitLIVE provided us with a platform to host our digital world premiere, and our audience and singers a chance to experience live performances together once again. We loved the high-quality streaming performance, and the interactive “backstage pass” where we could all celebrate after the concert.

Dr. Jeffrey Benson, Director of Choral Activities, San Jose State University; President, California Choral Directors' Association, San Jose, CA

A complete success! A brilliant replacement of an in-real-life experience, and way easier to setup. 🙏

Larissa Varela, Marketing Consultant, Sydney, Australia

Setting up my live-stream experience on FeelitLIVE was super easy! Connecting with my customers was even better.

Taruna Sharma, Yoga Instructor, Raleigh, NC
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