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Careers at FeelitLIVE

Our Values

Collaboration, communication, and creativity are the tenets of our office, and everything we create reflects these values. Our team hails from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from entrepreneurship and technology in Silicon Valley to finance and analytics on Wall Street, meaning that our employees have years of collective experience to draw from in-house through a simple Slack message. Our doors (and chat windows) are always open for each other’s thoughts and ideas. Constant communication ensures that we are all on the same page and enables us to refine our ideas. We encourage outside-the-box thinking and new ideas – after all, it’s how this whole thing started.

Our Team Spirit

The FeelitLIVE team is smooth and cohesive. We each have our own role to play as we work together towards one common goal: to make the travel experience all it can be. We want people to not just travel, but to truly feel something in every activity they partake in. Above all else, we want to help our users make their trips matter.

Our Attitude

This is an office that runs on jet fuel and wanderlust. As a travel and tech startup, we are all working on things we feel passionately about. Our hours can be odd at times, but sometimes the only way to get where you want to go is a 30-hour flight, complete with crying babies and last-minute gate changes. We stay flexible and optimistic no matter what delay is thrown our way because at the end of the day, we know the destination is worth it.

If you love problem-solving, don’t mind multiple stopovers, and are always game to discuss the latest tech release, then you might just be a perfect fit for the FeelitLIVE team.