Virtual watch parties for any live event

Bringing together celebrities and experts, with fans, followers, and friends to interact live and to share opinions and insights about any live event.

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Social viewing experiences that maximize engagement and monetization

Empowering you to build your community

FeelitLIVE watch parties are the perfect catalyst to build connections at scale. With FeelitLIVE, you have the power to engage your audience all around the world, before, during, and after any live event, from music concerts, political debates to sports games, or even the latest trending topic. The possibilities are endless!


The most engaging second screen for any live event.

FeelitLIVE gives you all the tools to moderate, share your expert insights, engage and entertain your watch party audience. They can chat with others and the hosts, create chat groups, play games, video chat, and ask questions to hosts. While you have real-time visibility of live feeds, attendees' mics, cameras, and raise hands, and can create live polls to gauge opinion and feedback.

Monetize your watch party from beginning to end

With FeelitLIVE, you can offer different access levels with varying engagement and price point options. As well as use our in-experience monetization options such as customizable e-shops for memorabilia and other products, donation/tip processing, and live auctions to maximize your revenue and bring excitement to your watch party.


The right tools to make your watch party a total success

FeelitLIVE gives all the tools needed to host engaging and revenue-generating watch parties.
Live feed
Push important announcements to your viewers without disturbing the watch party while empowering them to chat among themselves in the public feed.
Private spaces
Let your audience take control of their chat, by enabling them to create private spaces where they can chat with specific attendees, away from the public feed.
Donations & Tips
Let your followers show their support by adding a donation or tip option to your experience and let them choose the amount they want to contribute.
Ticket categories
Set up to four ticket categories with different price points, time frames, access levels, and engagement options.
Give your fans a seamless way to buy your books, souvenirs and memorabilia throughout the entire virtual experience.
Live auctions
Increase engagement and maximize ROI by incorporating a proven revenue-generating feature into your watch party.
Give your sponsors higher visibility by allowing them to showcase media-rich content and connect with your supporters in a meaningful way.
Locker room
Give your fans special access to the ‘locker room’ for a real-time video chat where you can answer all their burning questions
Admin tools
Manage and track your sports experience in real-time, view a summary of event statistics and download sales and attendees reports from any device.

With FeelitLIVE virtual watch parties, you can share your opinions with your mates whilst watching the game. It’s a bit like going down to the pub and having a chat, which is what we love to do here in England. You can really feel the audience!

Isabelle Duncan
BBC Commentator, MCC Member, and Author
London, United Kingdom

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Multiple plans for you to choose from. We recommend our Pro Plan, which gives you access to advanced functionality to maximize flexibility, monetization, and engagement for your experience. The Pro plan fees are 20% of experience revenue plus payment processing. We do not charge monthly or subscription fees.